Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

Innocent World Teaparty - 12.10.2013

Hello there! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
So maybe some have noticed there was the Teaparty at Saturday and luckily I got a ticket! You can't even imagine how happy I've been!
Bad part about it was that I had school so I had to get up so damn early!
Anyways, here are pictures of my coord and make-up.

Close up of my accessories

I was wearing my Dolce JSK and I really much liked my outfit (I also was proud of myself since I was wearing Lolita only the second time). But thinking about it I might gonna sell it to Medoly since I'm more interested into Classic and Gothic by now.
Anyways, the day was quiet stressful. I got to see my grandparents a little but then I was at the teaparty already. It was a pleasure to meet all my friends and get to attend such an event. It made me really happy!
At the teaparty I bought so much stuff! I got my best friend and my girlfriend presents and even got many things in the raffle but I traded some of them.
More important:
My dear friend Medoly was modeling!
She looked so pretty and walked very well for her first fashion show!

She wore one of the newer dresses and I think it her really well!
In the end we took a picture with Yumi Fujiwara together and I really like it! It just looks so pretty!

I really like that we all wear IW. That's one of my most favorite pictures yet!
After that we went eating and spontaneously Medoly and Yaya decided to sleep over. That was nice and the next day I went for breakfast with them, afterwards I met Petra and then also my best friend. She was really happy about the presents!
At home a friend of family visited and I got some presents from Japan. So here's what I got that day:

Things from the Teaparty
Presents from Japan

 I even got a Yukata what really surprised me but I didn't make a photo yet.
All in all that day really was great!
I'm looking forward to the next event, a convention where I'll visit my girlfriend again.
See ya! (`・ω・´)”


  1. du hattest schule am samstag?*_* is ja ur doof.
    finde das bild, wo ihr zu dritt oben seid so süß*-* ich find dein outfit is voll hübsch.
    musst noch ein foto vom yukata posten, bin neugierigxD
    welche con is demnächst?*_*

    1. Ich bins inzwischen gewohnt "xD
      Danke ;A;
      Ich schick dir noch eins, ok? xDDDD
      Akicon xD

  2. Dein Outfit war sooo hübsch! *__* Schade dass dus verkaufen möchtest - aber Geschmäcker ändern sich nunmal, das verstehe ich ^__^
    Und tolle Tea Party ausbeute! :D

    1. Daaanke! ;A;
      Naja, ich werds mir vll hin und wieder von Medoly dann ausborgen oder so also wenn ichs an sie verkauf xD
      Ich war auch total froh! xD (hat dafür aber auch einiges gekostet xDDDD)