Sonntag, 3. November 2013

4. Mero Pop Meet - 30.10.13

Hi gals! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
 A few days ago there was the first themed Meet of the Mp. Since it was the very first we weren't really strict about the rules but it was such a nice Meet!
We visited the Museum of Torture (it was Halloween after all (´ ・ω・`) ) and after it we took some pictures. That day we were only four people but it was nice!
So here the pics we took:

Me, Hime, and Natty
Hime and Mimi (they're so pretty!)
Me and Mimi
And my look
 Since I wasn't able to take a good face close up out there I took mine later.
We went to Vapiano there to get some food where Kathi joined us. (Such a pretty, cute and nice girl! She just moved back to Vienna from Japan with her husband. ヽ(;▽;)ノ )
There I finally got a good face close up.
There's a little spider (`・ω・´)
After that we just went to Coffeeshop Company and finished the evening smoothingly with a drink and then we parted to go home.
Halloween was a nice day for me too.
Also I met with Ruri today and so I used the chance and styled up a little:
I used the chance and wore my Rhapsody wig again but since it was rainy and wind blew too I lost my hat ( ; _ ; ) I want it back! (>__<)
Ruri and me
That really was the best pic! ( ; _ ; ) And we tried so much! I did her make-up and it was so nice, I wanna do her make-up more often!
And now I'll look forward to Loka and my birthday!
But before I forget...
My nails
 Who needs Halloween costumes with those, right?
For now, see you later! (。・ω・。)ノ♡


  1. so schöne fotos vom treffen*-* schade, dass ich nicht dabei sein konnte. aber nächstes mal wieder >-<
    mah voll blöd, dass du deine haube (?xD) verlorn hast. hat farblich gut gepasst;-;

    1. Nächstes Mal fix! T^T
      Ich hab sie nachgekauft, H&M hat die zum Glück noch! xD

  2. Deine Nägel ♥ Ich liebe sie!
    Und dein Make-up find ich auch super schön!
    Ich glaub ich würd auch gern mal auf ein Gyaru-Treffen... auch wenn ich mich mit der Mode nicht soo auskenne aber sieht echt nett & spaßig aus ♥

    1. oh, danke! ;A;
      und nochmals danke! ;A; du bist so süß, sfbo! ><