Montag, 12. August 2013

AniNite 09. - 11. 08. 2013 - Part 1

Hi guys! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
So I was at a convention over the weekend and two friends were here since Thursday. It was fun with them!
We being fabulous. xD

outfit matching poses ~
 On both pics you can see Yukii, Medoly and me.
It was hot so we went to see some Museums. Funnily after the first Museum we saw a post in the JFashion group asking of someone was in that Museum. Guess who was it? Yeah, us! We were meant!
Afterwards we met one more person. All in all it was a nice day.
We then watched movies, talked about outfits and so on.
At Friday the con started and we had to get up so damn early because I needed to be there very early.
 Medoly did Kogal (I was the one who did her make-up and hair (◡‿◡✿) ), Yukii in her whatever outfit and me in (fail-)Visu.
It was much fun but my inner organs were pressed and I didn't want to eat then (wonder? xD). I had to go home in only the bouse since it was so uncomfortable after some hours.
Though I really like how my make-up turned out and my hair-do also. My short strands looked much longer than they actually are.
close up
And a derp pic of Yu and me
At Saturday I went in Lolita the first time. It was a horror since I totally overslept and so I had to go out without my hair and make-up done. But I fixed it at the con then so it was no problem.
On all the pictures you can't see my dress perfectly but you can see it here.

Hand, what u doing?!
close up

Those two were the bext pics. I really liked the dress and so on but... I think I don't have the usual Loli Chara. I'm a loud person...
But still a big thank you to Mami Ruki for some of the photos!
In the evening we were so damn hungry we wanted to go to McDonald's. And we went outside... Up a street... To a closed one. And then we had to go a damn half km on the street since there was no sidewalk. Mci, what u doing?! ((o(;△;)o))
When we was there Mami Ruki was suddenly like, "We should go to the DriveIn. AniNite Style. And film it." (Or something like that.) I laughed!
The people there were nice, we were called cute. And we made some derp pics.
Medoly being hardcore.
Lolitas need sweets.
We then only got home after watching the AMVs. It was a nice day!
At Sunday we were a Fairy Kei (or Fairy Gay?) group and it was so much fun but it deserves an extra post.
So just wait a little bit more! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


  1. ich fand dich voll süß in lolita*-*♥

  2. Und ich hab dich nicht um die Burg erkannt! XD
    So mind-blown war ich selten im Leben... aber abgesehen von allem anderen, was sich gravierend verändert, DEINE STIMME ist auch komplett anders! XD

    Whut der Mci war zu? o.O So ein Kaff ist Schwechat doch auch wieder nicht... ._.

    1. ...sry?! xD
      Meistens liegts ja nur am Make-up, also dass meine stimme sich verändert is mir noch nie aufgefallen xDDDD

      jaaa D: die hatten zwei mcis und der, der näher zur location war, war zu und dann mussten wir nochmal 400 gehen und das entweder durch wiese oder "aufm strich" auf der straße xD