Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013


Hello! (`・ω・´)”
I visited the concert from DEATHGAZE in Vienna this weekend and it was LOVE!!!
That mostly says enough.
I waited together with Yamichi and we made some derp photos in front of the hall before some friends of her came and then we talked with them. Meku and Coco they are and they are SO COOL! Literally great people!
So we talked and talked while waiting and then finally got into the hall. I bought so much merchandise, lol.
When the concert started it was just: action, action, action! Screaming like a metal guy, screaming like a fangirl, headbanging like crazy, jumping around, shaking his fist up into the air. Fun!
Ai was totally great, I just love his voice. And we (Yamichi and me) bought an Austria flag (onto which we wrote "Austria loves Deathgaze /by ChiChii and Yamichi") and Yami threw it to Ai then and he caught it, lost it, got it back and kept it then.
There also was this failing moment when Ai fell down (he slipped or tried to lean down...?) and then tried to support himself on me and slipped at my headband and I doupled up like a toothpick. Well, at least he didn't ruin my make-up.
Also, at the start of the encore, Naoki played a solo and talked with us and then once he was like, "Wien? (screaming fans) Wien? (screaming fans) Wien? (screaming fans) You're nice ( ヽ(;▽;)ノ <- my reaction inside)" He was so cute and nice and talented!
Also I fought out that Ai plays an eight-string-guitar. Not six strings... Eight strings!!! Like Takaki!!!
And they all looked so good! I didn't see much of Takaki but, hella, pretty boy! And Kousuke looked good too (though I still don't really like his hair...)!
It was such a great concert! Even after pain in my neck from headbanging, hurting feed, an aching throat from screaming and screaming and some weird sound in my ear: I would go to one of their concerts without regret! I hope I can see them again sometime.
There was even this funny moment when I screamed, "Ai!", and the whole crowd then started with "Oi!" - I said "Ai!", srsly! lol!
And now have some fun pics here!  \(*T▽T*)/
My make-up.

what the fuck is with my eyebrow? XD

My outfit. The shirt always got sticked to the pants >.<
Have some derp pics of Yamichi and me!

There are me, Coco, Lala and Meku.

 That was it (◡‿◡✿)
Everyone who'll go to one another concert of Deathgaze: be prepared for a fucking awesome live and much(!) pain afterwards.
See ya! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


  1. warst du jetzt in der ersten reihe?XD warst ja schon ewig früh dort lol. mir hat auch mein genick ewig wehgetan nachm konzert;-;

    1. japp! XD es. war. es. wert. Ich konnte Ais Hand halten! >3
      iwann so gegen 15.15-15.30 glaub ich "XD
      es tut immer noch weh ;___;