Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013

MPM1 - First Mero Pop Meet-up

 So today was the first Meetup of the Austrian Gal Unit Mero Pop.

We first went to a bubble tea shop (people didn't know where the little shop was except Petra and Miko). So we got bubble tea or something from McCafe and then made a group picture:
in the back from the left: Petra, Mimi, Ruru, Sylvia, Miko, me
front: Lilly and Natty
After that we went to a bar and drank something there too. We talked about random stuff like Make-up, ages, and so on. It was very funny! But once more I was shocked that I was the youngest one! D:
Then we decided to go to an ice salon too because it was still very hot! It was yummy! But I ordered three flavors and I got them in the size of five!
But after that only Petra, Miko and me were left so we decided to make some fotos.

Petra, Miko and me

But then we all went home...
It's a bit sad since it really was fun! It was a more smaller Meet-up and totally fun because of that! We all talked like friends with each other and again I was surprised how great Ruru can look and what a funny person she is! I really adore her!
It was also so much fun to meet Petra a second time and because I hadn't seen Miko for a week or something I really  enjoyed the time with her!
I also got to know some other girls from the unit and they were so nice! I'm already now looking forward to the next meet.
And one more foto from my make-up:
Miko told me to keep that lower lashes. I'm so happy! Lower lashes for ChiChii~
So... see ya!

p.s.: Petra wrote about yesterday here and about the meet here


  1. yaaay erster post:33

    fands auch voll lustig heute*-* werde auch demnächst drüber bloggenxD

    hab dich fast nicht erkannt, als ich dich zuerst gesehn hab xD aber ich dachte mir, das kannst eig nur du sein lol.

    yay for lower lashes.
    und danke fürs verlinken:3

    1. haha ich freu mich schon über den post dann ;)
      ich hab mich selber net erkannt! XD ich sah wirklich anders als sonst aus... D:
      bitteschön! :3

  2. Lust auf Gegenseitiges Folgen?:)