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6. Mero Pop Meet - 22.12.13

Hello! (。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ
For first I want to tell about an important change about our Unit: We changed to a Circle now. Although the Mero Pop will continue as a Unit, our new Circle RebelQueens will be active with this year. We just wanted to want it to get to another level, so there we are, a new name, a new circle, a new project.
Next thing would be that I finally have the change to show you the pictures of our latest Gyaru Meet - Christmas Meet and Christmas theme. It had been a nice day, it wasn't as cold as the days before and we went to a Christmas market. There were rather a few people but still it was very nice. We went to take photos in the garden of Schönbrunn and afterwards to Vapiano. Anyways, now the pics. ヽ( ★ω★)ノ
Since it was Christmas, I decided to do a fluffy coord with my cozy pullover and I saw this cute antlers so I decided to plaz the reindeer for the meet. Though I still chose normal headpieces also, fitting my clothes. 

My whole outfit

Make-up and hair

Christmas version

Normal version
Also, there was one pic I didn't notice to be taken but it is one of the best I've ever seen!

I really like how the halfwig looks from behind, and I only can recomment Prisila! It was the first time I had used my half wig and my rope wigs at the same time but I'm pretty satisfied with the look.

I also like this picture really much. My hair looks like MORE hair on the photos than I felt like it was. But it had felt nice to have so much hair on my head.

 My outfit again. I like it because it's a simple coord but still looks like Hime, I think.

Close up on her look <3

Petra cutie and me. While I've been playing the reindeer, she had been what we call "Christkind". Where Americans have Santa Clause, we have this character. I think it's because it's to celebrate Jesus' birthday but no clue exactly, to be honest. But isn't she a cutie? A little snowflake!

There also was Bibi and she's such a cute Chibi!

Natty came later but she came! I see her not often so I've been happy and the simple coord really fit her!
And last but not least Leader-chan <3

I hadn't seen her in a while at that time but then we spent New Year's eve together, worked on a little outfit project and now, for a Birthday party, I'm at her place.
And there, a picture of us together.

It was at our now favorite Gyaru meet restaurant Vapiano - always nice people, good food and a great location!
I'll say bye with a funny pic now, and I'm not even sorry for the picture spam! It had been a great start into the Christmas days and it was nice to be out with the girls again!

Grumpy reindeer is grumpy ~

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  1. das letzte bild XDDDD bestes.
    war voll lustig:33 bald wieder♥
    flauschi pulliiii<333 und mega haare xDD stehn dir